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 "The Secret" is out and it is changing the world... Don't get left behind. You can make a difference! 
Find out how you too can :
  • Discover your purpose
  • Create the life of your dreams
  • Make the world a better place
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1)  The e-Book Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT  
2)  Along with the ongoing support of the Master Spirit Community to supercharge your results.  
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What People are Saying... 

"This Manifestation Program gives you the pieces that have been missing from everything else you've ever tried  It has the 'missing links' that will help you climb to new heights in your finances, relationships, career, personal development path – or anything else you really want."
--Craig Santini,

"The Mountroses marry clarity and the techniques of EFT and SK to help you eliminate any resistance to the wealth, the joy, and the luminous life you deserve!  My clients and students will greatly benefit from these practical strategies for accelerated release from  limitation." –Sue Stebbins, audio author, 
Law of Attraction Coach, www.wealthymindwaves.com

“These techniques helped clear my worries about money. Seeing the principles of manifestation in print as reminders of what to focus on is also very helpful. I am now easily manifesting new clients, and getting art commissions, my other calling in life.”
–A. Easter, Artist, Holistic Healer 

"Drs. Jane and Phillip Mountrose have taken an incredibly complex topic and boiled it down to the essentials and laid out a step-by-step plan to manifest your dreams. They encourage the reader to dust off their dreams big and small, frivolous or not, and dare to explore their soul desires at the deepest level."
– Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens, http://www.jeanslatter.com/

“For many years I have been told to 'focus' and 'manifest,' but no one told me how to go about it. This is clear and concise information on how to manifest one’s life.” 
– Samuel Turner, Holistic Therapist

Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More is an extraordinary and complete program for anyone interested in allowing greater levels of abundance, joy, and soul connection into their lives. The emphasis on aligning with one’s soul purpose brings great joy, and the techniques for releasing blockages provide a powerful way of moving beyond resistance.”  
– Stephen Chroniak, Teacher

“The Manifestation Process in this program is amazing!  Also, much to my surprise, I discovered that my concept of having a relationship was sabotaging me from having a successful practice. I was able to resolve that problem and cut that cord!”
– Sharon Williamson, Nurse  

“I discovered hidden blockages and old beliefs about my self image and real estate sales people. This is useful because I now know I can have a career and still be a spiritual person. I’m now clear that I can give myself permission to prosper as a real estate agent or other career and continue on my spiritual journey.”  
– Tonia Neumann, Small Business Administrator  

"Just to know that I have some blockages preventing me from manifesting my heart's desire and being able to use EFT to clear them moved me a giant leap forward. I found myself feeling lighter, uplifted and had a wonderful vision of myself floating along! I was definitely in a higher place of vibration, which is where I want to be in my manifesting."
– Jerris Greenblat, Director of  Development Hot Chillies

“The concept of manifestation is not new to me, or to most people.  I have endeavored to apply principals of manifestation for several years, without much success.  However, it all finally clicked for me with this program.  I cannot begin to illustrate for you the opportunities that have presented themselves to me... and I now try to share what I have learned with others at every opportunity.  My life will never be the same.  Thank you!”     
--Matthew Davis, Architect 

“This is the best, cleanest, down-to-earth material on manifestation that I’ve ever read.”
– Mikaya Heart,  author of A Different Rhythm

Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More
A Complete E-book Program for Creating a Fabulously Joyful and Fulfilling Life
ByEnergy-Healing Pioneers Drs. Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose

A COMPLETE PROGRAM for anyone wanting to manifest better relationships, health, prosperity aligned with your true life purpose with the support of the synchronous flow of the universe...

"Yes I want to have more abundance (greater prosperity, better relationships, and optimal health), but it's not really happening for me." 

"What do I really want to do with my life?... and when I find out, how do I get there?"  

At last, a manifesting book that reveals to you what people have described as "the missing pieces to this all-important jigsaw puzzle" of how to manifest a life you really, really want.  

You can consistently attract wonderful things into your life, quickly and easily, if you learn the clearing and soul-centering  processes we included in this book. Aligning with your heartfelt desires and life purpose is like magic. It naturally results in more prosperity, new or greater relationships, optimal health and more. 

We do not know of another book on manifestation like this one. It provides a clear, step-by-step system using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and many powerful energy-healing processes never seen before.  Also included is our highly effective Spiritual Kinesiology, which will also supercharge your manifestations.  

Here's just a sampling of what you'll receive:

  • How to create the life you truly want – today and for the rest of your life
  • Ways to manifest aligned with your life purpose and heartfelt desires
  • 10 Proven Processes and clear and powerful diagrams to add to your personal manifestation toolkit and knowledge base.
  • Understand the true meaning  of money and the four common limiting beliefs about money
  • The 12 Principles of Manifestation for fulfilling your heart's true desires
  • Use of our unique Heart Manifestation Map for fun and easy manifesting
  • Powerful, new original processes developed by us, to remove obstacles and self-sabotage – so you will now be able to easily attract what you want

To see an overview of this book view the Table of Contents and Book Excerpt.

With this "roadmap" in hand, you'll be able to apply the practical, transformational principles immediately. In the process, you'll transform yourself – opening your mind to powerful new ideas, new opportunities, and new dreams... and making the world a better place. 

After reading this book, you will readily know how to manifest in the right way for you. Then when you look back 6 months from now, wow!, it may be hard to imagine all the wonderful things that have happened to you... Think what it will be like when your dreams and goals come true, perhaps even faster and easier than you thought possible.  

This book is not available in book stores. It's also hard to put a price on this investment in who you are becoming, and we want to make it affordable for everyone. Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More is a reference manual that you will return to many times.

E-BOOK for immediate download: Introductory price of $27  or hard-copy book $37

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100% Money-Back Guarantee. 

Manifesting Your Dreams is an investment in you and Holistic Communications stands completely behind this book. If you feel that the dozens of tools and techniques is not a worthwhile investment, you can get a prompt and courteous refund on this book.guarantee

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The Master Spirit

Where miracles are happening now!

MEMBERSHIP gives you access to like-minded individuals to mutually support your dreams & goals

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Here's is a powerful way to use the Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More book to jumpstart and accelerate your dreams and goals...

Consider this: What if there was an easy way for you to get ongoing support for manifesting your dreams and goals and continually get to where you want? Well, there now is...

Maybe you want a better job or career or better results from your own business (or to successfully start your own); perhaps you need another source of income; maybe you want a better relationship; or to express your creativity... no matter what it is, the master spirit community will help you make it happen more easily and effortlessly than you could do by yourself.

The basic philosophy of a mastermind group is that more can be achieved in less time when people work together. Sometimes called a “Dream Team,” your mastermind partnership is made up of two or more people who meet on a regular basis to help each other accomplish their goals in person or by phone. (For the Master Spirit Program, you can also find a partner online, through the special Member Forum.)

We developed the Master Spirit concept from masterminding, which was described in Napoleon Hill's classic book Think and Grow Rich. 

Mastermind partnerships access "infinite intelligence," which has produced extraordinary success for many well-know people throughout history, such as Socrates and Plato, the American Founding Fathers, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, to name a few.  Many of the people in the book/movie The Secret use masterminding. Now we've taken it to the next level.

Master Spirit Partnership includes all the time-tested benefits of masterminding – such as an instant network, developing your confidence and skills, and greater resources.

What's more, Master Spirit Groups give you many ways to elegantly go beyond just making money; it shows you how to experience genuine abundance, deep inner fulfillment, and much more...

In ways that will delight and surprise you, your Master Spirit Partnership will include wonderful like-minded people. In an environment where everyone supports each other in living their life purpose, you can more easily thrive and achieve what you want.. Your partners help you to clarify what you really want -- and will help you to strategize and identify the specific next steps. Then you can easily realize your goals far quicker than you could on your own.

So with your Master Spirit Membership, you will supercharge the learning  from the Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More book with the help of others. And you'll be part of building an exciting worldwide spiritual community, based on living your life purpose, soul awareness, and helping each other. People find that It's an incredible recipe for joy and fulfillment. You'll look forward to using it to create an extraordinary life in a rich, supportive community.

Remember, you can work with your partner(s) in person or by phone, and even find a member through the special Member's Forum.

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Low Introductory Membership just $39.95, which includes:  

  • the Manifesting Dreams e-book (add $8 for hard copy)  

  •   Master Spirit Handbook (with free updates)  

  • 4 audio tutorials

  • Master Spirit Forum/discussion board 

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