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A Holistic Approach to Natural Weight Loss and a Natural Detox
Lose Weight Naturally and Keep it Off for Life

Maybe you haven't heard of a holistic approach to natural weight loss, particularly one that includes a plan for detoxing the body.

It is a new way to feel good about yourself, lose weight naturally, and keep it off for life, which can include a carefully designed detox diet plan.

Those of us who have tried regular diets and failed know that they don't work.

That's where this holistic approach is different - it picks up where conventional diets fall short. Rather than leaving you feeling like a failure and maybe even heavier than when you started, this holistic approach allows you to lose weight naturally, while you get all of the resources you need to reach your ideal weight and stay that way for life.

What most people don't realize is that their chance of succeeding using a conventional diet is alarmingly low, maybe even below 5%.

I'm Jane Mountrose. I dieted unsuccessfully for over 20 years and always thought that it was just me. Maybe you feel the same way! Some experts would say that our chances of success could be less than one in 20. If I had known the statistics, I would have quit before I started.

Fortunately, I know better now. Through extensive research and experimentation, I learned exactly how to lose weight naturally and now use a tested plan to help people like you to it easily with this holistic approach.

Three Essential Factors in any Holistic Approach
to Natural Weight Loss

Where traditional diets only treat symptoms, if you want to lose weight naturally, there are three important factors you must consider.

1. The human body has complex needs that most people and most companies don't understand. Because of this, weight loss can be difficult and repeated loss of muscle mass through yo-yo dieting can damage your metabolism and your health.

2. You are more than a body with a brain on top for counting calories. You are a multi-dimensional human being with emotions, thoughts and a magnificent spirit that is longing for fuller expression.

3. You have an innate intelligence that knows what's right for you and when you connect with this inner wisdom, your life can be transformed.

It may not be news to you that weight problems are not just about weight.

People eat for a lot of reasons. And for those of us with weight problems, hunger is often low on the list.

Eating may be a way of relieving stress, expressing love, protecting ourselves from being hurt, etc. For me, eating was the all-purpose remedy for anything and everything that was wrong. Unfortunately it never worked - I ended up feeling devitalized, pudgy, and low on self-esteem.

Complications in the Environment

We also find ourselves in an environment where our bodies are bombarded with toxins.

They are in our food, air, water, cosmetics, cleaning products, and living environments. At no time in human history have our bodies been expected to deal with this kind of onslaught.

Most people don't understand the implications of toxicity on the body and THIS IS CRITICAL! 

Because we cannot effectively eliminate all of the toxins that are coming our way, the body has to store them. This means our bodies function in a toxic sludge.

In an attempt to protect the vital organs, one of the main places these toxins go is into fat tissue. And until we can successfully eliminate these stored toxins, it may be difficult to release the fat that houses them.

The Importance of a NATURAL DETOX

This toxic environment adds a new requirement to any natural weight loss program - detoxification. While learning about the affects of toxicity on the body may be startling, there is a silver lining. 

With a comprehensive program of nutritional cleansing, you can lose weight, quickly, safely, and effectively, while maintaining muscle mass.

Now you have the whole picture. Just as weight problems are not just about weight, taking off weight is not just about taking off weight. There is a magnificent being within you who is longing to emerge.

When you can integrate the needs of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit in a program that provides a natural detox and a high level of nutrition, the weight can melt off.

And as you progress with this plan, you not only enjoy food more, you can feel more energetic, alive, and complete as a human being. You can experience transformation on all levels.

How Can You Get Started?

Success with this holistic approach to natural weight loss and detox can be yours!

It involves adapting a simple, tested program that provides a specific combination of resources both for the body, mind, and spirit.

The system of products in this program is so effective, many people call it a nutritional technology! 

Phillip and Jane Mountrose have never seen anything like it in more than 20 years of experience in the holistic healing arena. 



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The Chilling Truth About Diets

Two thirds of adults in the US are overweight or obese.

Nearly half of these Americans are obese.

And the situation is getting worse every day.

The truth is obvious:


What can you do about it?

You have to open your mind to something different, an approach that could transform your weight and your life!

If you have been feeling frustrated about your weight, there's hope with a completely natural approach where people are losing weight rapidly and safely.

Want to learn about an approach that DOES work?

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