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“I believe in intuitions and inspirations...I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

Albert Einstein


Intuitive Techniques for Getting Thru to Your Soul
Audio Spiritual Development Program
Based on the Book Getting Thru to Your Soul
By Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose

4 CDs and Workbook (includes manual and audio scripts) $97


"Learn to use your higher senses by building
a multi-dimensional communication system."



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"I have felt a spiritual connection since the age of eight years old, and I have read and studied spiritual materials my whole life. I have felt the strongest connection through these techniques. This material helped to connect all that I have studied. It has brought great insights into my life."  
  --Irma Montgomery, Life & Wellness Consultant  

Welcome to the world of intuitive communication!  With this unique program, complementing the book Getting Thru to Your Soul, you can open your intuition and accelerate your spiritual development. 

It’s step-by-step approach will allow you to open to your multi-dimensional awareness, learn new skills, and embrace your divine purpose. Whatever your skill level, this program will provide a wide variety of practical and innovative tools that you can use for your own spiritual development and, if you choose, to help others.

Intuitive Techniques for Getting Thru to Your Soul  focuses on intuitive development as an essential part of your spiritual journey. This expanded form of communication most deeply connects you with your higher awareness, and holds priceless keys to your evolution. 

You will receive tools to identify which of the Seven Spiritual Activations a person is experiencing, and how to advance on the spiritual path, culminating with the installation of the golden grid around one’s aura. This program will further your understanding and accelerate your growth in the following areas:

  • Being centered in your soul
  • Receiving guidance and energetic healing
  • Using various psychic tools, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic
  • Using soul-based symbolic imagery for insight and clearing
  • Understanding your greatest lesson and gift
  • Reading relationships between people, places, objects and other things
  • Experiencing the Levels of Creation
  • Visiting Healing Temples and Vibrational Pools

"This Intuitive program provides the most powerful tool to date for achieving sovereignty on the path to higher consciousness. I began using the kit a few weeks ago and have experienced remarkable results (actually, not so remarkable as I have never been disappointed using a Mountrose technique). The techniques and guidelines are clear and easy to follow. The guided meditations are so vivid that it is easy to remain in a high state of consciousness while stopping the tape and journaling - which has often been difficult for me. Journaling is especially valuable, as the information simply floods in. 

Furthermore, the changes in personal consciousness and energy configuration are so swift and dramatic, that it becomes difficult to remember the experience a day later - because the old you who underwent the experience simply isn't there anymore. Also, past work often provides valuable clues for future sessions. And if the information seems bizarre and unrelated, don't give up: believe me, it will all connect.  Intuitive Techniques is truly a Godsend. Thank you again, Jane and Phillip."

  - Mary Jaworski, business administrator
The program consists of 12 carefully-designed lessons. They are introduced in the manual and presented on the audios. The Workbook also includes background information and Lesson 13, which serves as a conclusion, as well as a transcript of the audios. The lessons cover the following information:
Lesson 1:  Preparation, NLP and Modalities
Lesson 2:  Guidance and Energetic Healing
Lesson 3:  Symbolic Imagery
Lesson 4:  Taking Preliminary Readings
Lesson 5:  Exploring Your Souls Gifts, Includes an Exploration of Past Lives
Lesson 6:  Viewing the Energy Field and Activations
Lesson 7:  A Close-up View of the Energy Field
Lesson 8:  Understanding Relationships and Agreements
Lesson 9:  Exploring the Levels of Creation
Lesson 10: Vibrational Healing
Lesson 11: Repairing the Etheric Gridwork
Lesson 12: Activating the Golden Grid


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Intuitive Techniques for Getting Thru to Your Soul is a unique and comprehensive course, that will teach you the essentials of intuition, as well as its subtleties, depths, and advanced applications.

"Jane and Phillip Mountrose help students move through doors that make dynamic differences in their lives."
- Kathi Gibson, Artist, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist

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