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"Let Go of Limits and Tap into the Heart and Soul of Success with EFT" 

Step-by-Step Self-Coaching Program

With Energy-Healing Experts Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose 

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If you'd like to know about soul-based coaching and healing secrets that can turn around your health, wealth and relationships... in ways that you might not even have imagined... you're in the right place.

Why be dependent on others to solve your problems, when you can learn to do it yourself?

You may have heard about EFT, the “modern day miracle.”
Because of its proven results, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)  has been used by many thousands of people around the globe.

Even though EFT can work extraordinarily well, you still need to combine it with an effective strategy to transform your life. In other words, you want to combine EFT with coaching and complimentary techniques to get the best results.

We are considered pioneers in the field of energy-healing and spiritual growth. We didn't do this overnight. It took us many years of going from a teacher and an architect to being leaders in our field. What started off as a keen interest in coaching, healing and personal growth has turned into our mission of helping others fulfill their potential.

We have distilled a lot of essential information from our 20 years of experience teaching, consulting and writing. Our own challenges and the many people we have helped has taught us what works and what doesn't. This has led us to develop a comprehensive "heart and soul" system integrating energy healing, spiritual growth and coaching. 

Gain the confidence and clarity you need to succeed at greater levels...

Drawn from our signature Heart and Soul of Success system, this program will give you a systematic 4-part approach to self-coaching, Here is just a sampling of what you will learn:

How to integrate the four freedoms into your life: life purpose, time, geography and abundance.

An easy and profound life purpose formula, an essential to the heart and soul of success.

Connecting your life purpose to your goals, which makes everything easier and provides the motivation to accomplish what you want.

How to identify the six key areas that hold people back and what to do about them.

The ins and outs of how to use EFT for consistent results

A powerful affirmation mantra that can help you quickly resolve issues and boost your energy in virtually any situation

How to reframe your "fear monsters" to move forward with grace and ease

How to craft your own heart and soul of success action plan, aligned with your life purpose and goals

Why you need to integrate a spiritual framework with coaching and healing to have the deepest, lasting success -- and practical ways to integrate coaching and healing into your life.

and much more!...

Marsha Munsell, Nutrition Educator, Fairbanks, Alaska

"I really liked the step-by-step approach to this program. It was very easy to learn.  It covered a lot of information and processes quite thoroughly. The "Let Go of Your Limits" Self-Coaching Program also had an excellent built-in review of the very valuable material. The Mountroses have a great team approach, where they keep adding depth to what they share. Thank you for putting this program together."


Our Signature System for the Heart and Soul of Success

We have put together a 4-week telecourse that draws from our signature Heart and Soul of Success System. It combines coaching with EFT and energy healing. The course is also put within a spiritual framework, which is easy to understand and use -- and highly effective.

Each audio tutorial will cover one of ffour essential areas:

Audio 1: Becoming clear about what you want.
Learn how to take the confusion and overwhelm out of your life.
Reliably find a way to be consistently be more peaceful, grounded and confident.

Wel provide you with a map for your next steps into greater success. As we have done with our holistic practice, association, courses and many materials, you too can live daily in the rich territory where possibilities abound, where you create freedom and success on your terms.

Audio 2: Find out the obstacles that are in your way.
If you have a bunch of rocks and fallen trees on your path to success, you have to clear them to continue forward.
What's holding you back? Lack of time or clarity; no strategy; lack of skills; non-supportive environment; internal blocks. Each area can be an insurmountable block. Or, you can recognize it clearly and find out exactly how to move forward.

Audio 3: Breakthrough the internal blocks to clear your path with EFT
As part of our unique system, we have created Getting Thru Techniques (GTT) to quickly get to the core of your blocks so you can fully eliminate them with EFT.
These processes include our signature "Miracle Reframe with EFT." You will also learn our "Reality Shift with EFT" Process. And a new process that we will be publicly teaching for the first time: The "Fear Monster Reframe with EFT" -- very powerful and versatile.

You might be amazed at how easy these processes are to do and the results you will immediately receive.

Audio 4: Create an Action Plan.
Most people keep bumping against the barriers by doing the same things and expecting different results.
To overcome these self-defeating patterns, we have included coaching throughout this telecourse.

By becoming your own coach, you will learn how to do things differently, in concrete ways to get the results you desire. We will help you make your own plan for success. A model that you can use to help yourself and will provide keys to helping others succeed at a deeper level, too.

Helen Wix
Real Estate Investor
Oak Ridge, TN

"I was looking for support and that's what this "Let Go and Tap into Heart and Soul of Success with EFT" program did for me. It helped me with my next steps and directly led me to knowing the right action to take for getting publicity for my book. The insights I received from this program really made a big difference. I highly recommend it."


Barbara Green
Staff Development Coordinator
Nanuet, New York

"I wondered if I'd have the time to go through this program, although it's not overwhelmingly large. And also, can I really be good at coaching and healing since I am rather shy and reserved? Yet I knew that I have gifts in these areas. 

Taking this program definitely improved my time management, and helped me go forward with coaching and healing. It really brought the ideas down to earth with the Mountroses practical approach. I liked the way they broke things down into parts, in an easy-to-follow approach. 
A great combination of the spiritual and the pragmatic -- it really inspired me!" 


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What you will receive with this Program:

In addition to the four transformational teleclasses, you will also receive 5 value BONUSES:

1. Four transformational audio tutorials, rich with knowledge, demonstrations and interaction.  
Build confidence and clarity as you follow this step-by-step system of getting clear on what you want, how to overcome obstacles and create your action plan for success.

What you learn here can be applied to any area in your life: career, health, relationships, finances and more.  
A lifelong reference for the heart and soul of success.
($197 value)
2. Four exclusive Heart and Soul of Success with EFT videos demonstrating the processes. -- for immediate download ($67 value)
3. The Mountroses groundbreaking ebook Manifesting Your Dreams with EFT, SK and More  -- for immediate download. Learn a profound, easy-to-follow 7 part roadmap for success and manifestation ($27 value)
4. Answers to Your Most Important Questions about EFT and Energy Healing -- 4 tracks include 110 minutes of Answers to EFT Questions, the powerful Holistic Process, and a How to Do EFT explanation ($30 value) 
5. Q & A teleclass: The Mountroses compiled many questions from students, clients and readers on "letting go of limits and tapping into the heart and soul of success with EFT." Also includes a coaching and healing with EFT demo. ($42 value) question mark
Total Value = $368  



Dean Murphy, Technical Communication Specialist, 
Falmouth, Maine

"I have worked with many self-help methods. I'm no stranger to personal growth. I have made more strides with EFT in the past two months than I have with all the rest since 1998 when I got on the "personal enhancement bus." This program, along with other excellent work by the Mountroses, has really helped me examine and express some important thoughts that I probably otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. Their heart and soul of success methods are wonderful!"


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Get the Self-Coaching Program.  If for any reason whatsoever you're dissatisfied with it, we will give you a 100% refund. No hassles. No problems. Just contact us to get your refund. That's how confident we are of this transformational program.


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Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose
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